Zhang Laifei – “Here I can use all my abilities and strengths.”

Joined Weber Suzhou in 2016

Current Position: Shift Supervisor for Plastic Injection Moulding

Describe your career at Weber Suzhou and your current position.
My career at Weber Suzhou started as a die setter. Through hard work and the right opportunities, today I am a shift supervisor for plastic injection moulding.

How did you hear about Weber?
I found the job offer on the internet, and the company was recommended to me by friends.

What made you choose Weber?
My skills and experience from the last few years matched the requirement profile perfectly, that’s why I applied.

Who trained you for your work, and how?
Most importantly, my colleagues helped me get situated. My supervisor also placed a lot of trust in me and gave me opportunities to use and develop my skills.

What makes Weber Suzhou and the Weber Group special?
At Weber, I can use all my abilities and strengths.

What distinguishes Weber from other employers in the region?
Weber has a standardised workflow and a quality system.

What met your expectations and ideas?
That my superiors would give me confidence, support and room to grow.

What are your future plans?
I hope to acquire more management skills and become a employee who’s ready for competitive environments.

What tips would you give an applicant?
Your working attitude is the most important factor for a career. It is also important to have good communication with your supervisor, especially when there difficulties or questions arise.